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Forest School training Essex trainingsite

Kendall School in Colchester, Essex is an amazing setting for Forest School training, with a 5ha mature woodland on site including examples of deciduous and coniferous woodland; a variety of waterways including marsh, pond, stream and a lake, plus four separate Forest School sites including a covered outdoor classroom for inclement weather.



Kendall is on a journey to become a centre of excellence for outdoor learning, with classes regularly taken outside and every class experiencing weekly Forest School and outdoor learning sessions. Children are taught to respect the woodland environment and are encouraged to actively participate in school initiatives led by the Eco-School committee.

This has led to Kendall successfully gaining the platinum  Woodland Trust ‘Green Tree Award’ and working towards the ‘Learning Outside the Classroom Mark’.

Working in partnership with Kendall Primary School is a privilege for Forest School Training Essex, training in a diverse and mature woodland and providing enhanced experiences for trainees, with Forest School sessions taking place during training and valuable practical ideas to take back.

Forest School shelter
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